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Amy Schrater

-k-, I looked...it's amazing. I can totally see you guys there. I'm sorry.

Amy Schrater

Ohhhh...I'm going to find it, yes I am.


Amy, Amy, Amy.... I can't give away the number. Because you too would fall in love with it...we would both start to get over obsessed.... determined to out bid eachother on it and then it would just become a nasty scene from Mean Girls....hair pulling and nail scratching.

I'd like to keep you as a friend. :-)


Amy Schrater

-k- so what's the MLS number, I want to look it up! I too am obsessed with looking at houses when I shouldn't! Maybe we can fondly think of it in years to come as "the one that got away!"

Rest assured my dear, there will be more...and better.

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