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hi heidi-- I'm delurking to say hello and give some encouragement. I found you from Shea's blog back in 2006, and have been lurking ever since.

Congrats on baby number 2, and on going back to the gym so fast!!! It was MONTHS AND MONTHS before I got my rear in gear, b/c I figured I "just had a baby". Well when she was 14 months, I realized--no more. And I saw a pic of myself, and I thought I looked like an overweight, much older relative of mine.

May I suggest a few good blogs that really helped me? http://ronisweigh.com/
http://www.katheats.com/-she takes a pic of everything she eats--and it's all amazingly healthy and yummy. she's lost a fair amount of weight
http://www.dietgirl.org/--just look at her before and after pics. wow.

Also, I joined Weight Watchers. It was amazing to see how much what I ate affected my day, and the number on the scale. I lost weight, and learned lots of tools to live by.

I don't have a blog, but do have a site for my job--so you won't think I'm a weird stalker person. http://www.centralcoastnaturalchildbirth.com/about-me.php
All the best--
Kerry in California

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