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Ess, So glad you could relate. Sometimes I felt like I was the ONLY one going through the thick of it. Thank goodness we both were able to focus on the real issue....our babies- healthy, beautiful babies. :-)

Jennifer, apologies. I did not remember that it was you. This post was not meant to offend or point fingers at anyone but rather get a very touchy subject off my chest. And your comment at the time I am sure was not meant to be hurtful... you had no idea what I was going through then. :-) No hard feelings.

Being a mother is a constant learning experience and it amazes me everyday how critical we all can be towards one another... its just not necessary. We all should be uplifting and encouraging towards eachother...regardless of our choice to use Formula or BF.


Hi, I just saw your posting, and... thank you! I feel like I've been living in a Margaret Atwood novel--people are nosy, intrusive and insensitive about b'feeding! I too had a c-section, and a rough hospital stay. My naive expectation that breastfeeding was going to just happen, well no! After 2 days in the hospital struggling w/ only my husband's help, we were inundated w/ the lactation brigade: obtuse, harsh women who rather than see my fragile ego and act accordingly, scared me into helpless tears. We left 4 days later w/ bloody nipples, ouch, no milk in, a somewhat small baby now small enough that i was given strict orders to report to the lactation center the following day. Well. the next week sounds like whatyou went through--syringe feeding, no milk and on--the crowning glory was after crying to the bfeeding "counselors" (by far the coldest group of health care professionals I've seen) I was told our case was "failure to thrive" and i was to continue syringe, guard etc feeding until further notice (they were ntentionally ominous which I find really odd). I sat up until 2am that night, emailed a friend who formula fed w/o shame, and we threw out the god awful syringes and started w/ a bottle the next morning. My baby is now a happy healthy (still small) 5month old. I ended up trying to nurse a week later and have been lucky enough to nurse since -- a cocktail of about 1/2 ounce--it has worked for us. So my real point, surprise, and disappointment in other women has been the nosy, judgmental, really hideous line of questions and comments. Being a new mom has been the best, wildest---and most vulnerable time for me. And I can't forgive the people--some friends, one very nosy neighbor, and many acquaintances--it has been eye opening--I will never push my opinions on a new mom! Thank you for your post.


So that was me that commented on the bottle on the coffee table, I remember doing it. That was almost 3yrs ago and I'm just now learning that it upset you? No wonder you don't comment on my blog anymore.. LOL

Some would say that I'm a breastfeeding "nazi" but I have all the respect in the world for moms who at least give it a try. Moms that have breastfeeding at heart, ya know? You gave it all you had.. no need to feel guilty. Had I known you were struggling, I might have been able to offer some help (I'm a breastfeeding counselor).

Anyway, Heidi.. we've been blogging friends for a long time. Please, if I ever ever say anything in a comment that is offensive, let me know.

You are a great mom!! And your boys are beautiful!!!


Heidi, I am so sorry you have felt that way. I don't know what its like to have to formula feed but I am feeling similar pressure with wanting to wean Luka at eight months. Your boys are beautiful and healthy and I think that is what truly matters! Love Ya!!!

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