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I'm a wife, a Mama, a part-time employee, a friend, a daughter, a sister, an Auntie.... so I'm pretty much fantastic! ;-)


music, dancing, smoothies, worship, beaches, softball, bike riding, swings, spooning, roller skating, farmers markets, sleeping in, cooking, hiking, reading, photography, soccer, family, swimming, camping, weddings, birthdays, the color pink, road trips, coloring, target, babies, the color green, snow days, sour candy, dahlias, romantic-comedy movies, bbq's, chocolate labs, happy endings, i know), my sons, surprises, friday nights, yellow roses, drafting, warm summer nights (cheesy, laughing really, really hard until your cheeks hurt, puppies (and their breath), organizing (a little obsessive compulsive), smell of the forest, receiving snail mail, having my back rubbed/scratched, i’m partial to: (in no particular order) my husband, vacationing in tropical locations, getting my hair washed, mexican food & margaritas, reality tv (as sick as it is), art (painting-drawing), tuna fish sandwiches with sprouts, smell of fresh rain, mint chocolate chip ice cream, sleeping (i think i already mentioned that), chocolate covered pretzels, new bras, chap stick....... i could go on forever.